9 Essential BJJ Core Stabilization Exercises | Mobillity Training ft. Billy Edelen

Core stabilization gives you a structural foundation to exhibit controlled, conscious strength. This is strength as a skill and not as might. And then mobility allows us to systematically increase the active, neural control of this strength in greater ranges of motion. This is a summation of the foundational aspect of my teaching philosophy.

But for now in this post we will be breaking down the importance of BJJ core strength and stabilization (no, this is not just limited to the sport of BJJ).

Regardless of your body type core and midline stabilization/positioning is the fundamental component of all movement. It is paramount before overall strength, mobility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, etc.

Add these to your routine as you warmup or begin any movement or BJJ session. You will find yourself building the posture and structure that will help you destroy the structure of your opponent, the overall goal of any grappler.

In future posts I will breakdown each of these individual positions, but for today this broad view of core strength and stabilization will suffice. Click below to find a video breaking down the 9 essential core stabilization exercises for BJJ. These will go a long way in giving you the confidence in building a solid foundation for your training and competition.

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