BJJ Lower Back Pain - Spinal Mobility Sequence

BJJ lower back pain can be debilitating for you on the mats.

Be it a chronic or acute injury, forward flexion is most commonly the culprit and mechanism of injury.

So BJJ lower back pain is exacerbated or caused by bending at the waist or twisting in different ways.

It's common for a person with this lower back pain to avoid flexion based movements.

But in order for our body to keep symmetry and proper muscular engagement it's crucial to keep communicating this movement patterns and corresponding ranges of motion to the body.

This is why we lock ourselves into an all 4s position for BJJ lower back pain.

It makes it difficult for us to do anything that may take us too far into a flexion movement or scratch the itch too much.

Try this movement out before and after training and begin to say goodbye to BJJ lower back pain!

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