BJJ Post Training Relaxation Yoga Flow for Lower Body | Mobillity Training ft. Billy Edelen

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Today we’re examining some BJJ yoga stretches to cool down and relax after training. This series will target our hips and legs to help open these areas from being tight. It will also use the art of stretching and breath to induce a relaxation response in the body.I love plugging these in after training for the downregulation benefits as I tend to run “hot” — very Type-A and anxious by nature. Most people are plugging their BJJ training into a hectic workday, so this will help bridge the gap to keeping a calm demeanor.This is essential after BJJ training because, for most people, it kicks the body into a sympathetic or stressed state. This yoga series will allow you to practice breathing and bringing awareness to these areas of your body so you can relax.

BJJ Yoga Focus

To deepen the stretch we must have a more relaxed long breath. By cueing this, we are relaxing our nervous system and body so it can recover at a quicker rate. You can then carry this state of consciousness from BJJ hip stretches into your rolling and life so you can stay relaxed and present in the moment.

I too often see my training partners get done training and immediately go to the dressing room, leaving the gym for their car within five to ten minutes. They are missing a great window to do some positive work on their body after the heavy training. Even just five minutes of this type of work will go a long way! These five minutes will allow the release of the breath, and along with that, relaxation of the nervous system and ultimately the body and mind.

Universal Cues

Long, slow breaths like I mentioned before

Aim to have a 5-second exhale with slight pause at the bottom

Lower belly breathing

Aim for at least 6 breaths at this cadence for each stretch

Straight leg hamstring

Sitting upright

Clasp hands together

Really engage hands and grip around foot

Straighten leg by engaging quadriceps and engaging shin muscles to bring toes closer to shin

Lift chest and chin

Straight leg hamstring pinky toe side twist

Move hand closest to big toe

Reach across to pinky toe side

Bring other hand behind

Twist and move ankle back and forth

Rock the baby

Hug leg in as if you’re rocking a baby

Should feel this in hip and glute


Fall forward in a hinging motion turning off all musculature


Keep leg collapsed in front and straighten other leg behind

Let your torso hinge forward toward your foot to create space in your hip


This continues cueing our body to keep the neural programming to have active glutes and extended body position.

This is an instrumental position and engagement pattern for general vitality and especially for BJJ performance.


Spread legs in a V

Stay lifted from the waist

Hinge forward at the hips

Squeezing quadriceps and glutes to straighten legs

Bringing toes towards shin w/ strong active grip

Deepen Straddle

Breathe in and extend up

On your exhale, hinge forward again and use hands to push legs apart

Lat Stretch Straddle

Reach opposite arm to opposite leg to stretch lat

Be sure to reach up and then out to foot while staying lifted out of waist


Keeping straddle position twist and attempt to bring opposite forearm outside the opposing leg


Grip feet sitting tall out of waist

Bounce knees up and down

Folded butterfly

Hinge forward at hips and bring head towards feet

Final BJJ Yoga Advice

Take the time to care for yourself after you train. You will rest better afterward by turning your nervous system down, and you will feel better physically for your next day of training. Sleep will be enhanced, and you will feel calmer. What more can you ask from a downregulation practice?

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