BJJ Rib Pain - Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercise

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

If you have BJJ rib pain this thoracic spine mobility exercise will help to create some space in this area and help relieve your pain.

One of my channel subscribers commented that he was having BJJ rib pain and that it was affecting his breathing, especially when compressed on the mats.

The goal of this thoracic spine mobility exercise is to help decompress the spine and ultimately ribs to restore proper movement mechanics for this region of the body.

We use a lacrosse ball, golf ball, or something of that sort and place it between the spine and scapula (shoulder blade).

We then fully inflate our lungs with air to create some space in the spine and ribs, and then pressure into the ball with our exhale to mobilize!

This should give you some intense relief, and be sure to add in any intuitive stretching, especially if you have a very tight neck and upper back!

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