BJJ Thoracic Spine Mobility - Exercise for Rib Pain

BJJ thoracic spine mobility is essential in a sport like BJJ.

This exercise for rib pain will help create space in your upper back, spine, and ribs to relieve any discomfort in this region.

In a sport where pinning and closing off space is king, BJJ thoracic spine mobility and exercises for rib pain are necessary to help decompress this area of the body.

In this exercise we assume a seated position and exhale all of our air out as we lean forward.

Our hands are on our knees as we pull our belly button in towards our spine and pull up on our pelvic floor.

Once we no longer have air and have engaged our lower abdominals as such we suck in a steady breath through our mouth and once we maximize our air intake we straighten up.

We hold for a moment before returning to normal breathing. We repeat this sequence 3 to 5 more times.

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