Dealing with Injury as a Strength Athlete

When your body is feeling solid and you feel like you're making some "gains"... and then suddenly it smacks you across the face...

Can anyone else relate to this?

Well, almost 2 weeks ago I competed and I crafted a solid overall performance.

I felt comfortable.

I had confidence in my body in ways I hadn't for quite some time.

I won convincingly and in dominate fashion.

Technical and tactical.

You get the point.

All reasons to be HIGH!

And now 10 days removed from a great day of competition I feel DOWN!

My low back has a history of acting up.

And for much of the last week I gradually got more leg tingling from my herniated.

Now I know I come across as a confident, assured, STRONG 25 year old, but my confronts with PAIN and INURY is what put me down this Mobillity path in the first place.

The bad thing is I have a high pain tolderance.

I don't feel things until it really hurts.

And looking back NOW, I can see some of the warning signs.

So enough of reflection on the past and now what is, what lessons can I take from my training and competitive lifestyle as not just an athlete but as a daily TEACHER and COACH?

Be kind to your body, mind, and spirit.

Smile to yourself.

Work hard but MAINLY SMART.

If you're being "lazy" ask your heart.

Do I deserve this rest or do I need to work?

We all go deep enough we know the truth.

And I'm beginning to find out I've been PUSHING a bit too hard.

Training shouldn't always be easy, but if for weeks and even months on end I wake up and DON'T WANT TO TRAIN, then I know something is wrong.

In the midst of the storm I don't know this, but now I do.

And sometime we just need to let the snowglobe settle and then chart course with more FOCUS, INTENTION, PATIENCE, AND PRESENCE!

Stay mobile friends and stay SMILING!

My 12 week program is still alive HERE.

I'm currently relegating myself to overtime on the base parts of the program the STABILITY section.

I'll link a sample video HERE and I truly wish you all love and fun training!