How To Use Awareness To Channel Performance Anxiety In Jiu-Jitsu

As athletes and people, we face anxiety every day. At its core, it is the same thing regardless of circumstance: fear permeating the body and mind. A feeling of unease that things are not okay. That the scenario in our life is something that threatens our survival. Thinking that there are things outside of us that are there to hurt or harm us.

The Power of Anxiety

It’s actually quite a powerful emotion as long as we can develop this awareness and then use care and proper judgement to use it constructively.

We are hardwired physiologically when we have anxiety for a match, training, or starting a new training protocol, whatever, to react in one of three ways: Fight, flight, or freeze.

Sympathetic Nervous System

When fear strikes our bodies, it activates the sympathetic nervous system, which is built upon those 3 reactions. It also floods the body with stress chemicals that don’t allow for growth, repair, or creation. Our body is consumed with survival even if we’re just sitting in traffic or watching an action flick.

Our Game Plan For Stress and Anxiety

Have an awareness of anxiety. Observe it. Watch it. See how it makes your body and mind feel, but keep a sense of detachment. This is meditation in a nutshell.

Explain to yourself the breakdown of the anxiety cycle: that your body is experiencing fear and that fear begets more fear, creating a cycle that feeds on itself again and again and continues on.

This awareness is the first step to freeing yourself from the clutches of anxiety clutches and moving on to using it constructively.

Final Considerations

Using this logical approach we may not defeat anxiety, but we can develop a stronger relationship with it. Having that awareness is everything in freeing us from its crippling and fear-inducing clutches.

Mobillity Training in Action

As you’re adding in these hip mobility exercises to your routine, just add this to some of the hip mobility exercises I’ve covered in the past.

You’ll find some exercises you like more than most, and others that may hurt so “good.” More than anything, putting effort into this style of training will help with your longevity, injury prevention, and performance on the mats!

I’m releasing my first video product and 12 week training program “Secrets to Soft, Stable, Strong, and Supple Low Back/Hips”.

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