Lessons Learned From Kobe

The passing of Kobe Bryant Sunday really shook me.

To put it into perspective on the role he played in my life besides my grandpa he is the only other man I've ever "idolized."

The last time I shed that many tears was when my grandma died 2.5 years ago.

I don't say this to make you feel sorry for me and my feelings, but to put into perspective how people/things/events can change our lives and ultimately be a framework and blueprint with what we seek to do/accomplish.

I remember being sick from Sunday school when I was about 7 or 8 years old. This was the first time I ever consciously remembered stumbling upon a basketball game.

And then I saw these purple and gold uniforms and a mini fro number 8 just magically taking over the game.

I was hooked.



From then on I fell in love with basketball. And it became a deep love affair all the way through playing in college and being on a Final Four D2 team.

All the while Kobe's mindset and work ethic and even moves are things I DOWNLOADED.

For when you are young and you love something and you love how someone older than you does something, that is the seed for magic to come into your life.

It allows you to dream.

And to dream big.

Especially when Kobe is your idol.

And that's what he always said.

Keep going.

Get to the next.

Get to the next.

An insatiable appetite to grow and improve.

This is what he represented. What was first all basketball (with him and then me in my own life) once we both left basketball and evolved that love into other interests.

The theme of evolving and growing and being more conscious of impacting others... That's something Kobe put into motion once he retired.

That won't step because he died. It's up to his teams he assembled in his media company and his gym to do that.

And for the children he inspired who are now adults (like me) it's a RESPONSIBILITY to put on their 8 or 24 and attack life with their own mamba mentality and impact others!

As a self anointed Mamba Affiliate I advise you to practice your Mamba Mentality and go for whatever it is you deeply desire!

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