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My BJJ training for the Pan Ams in NYC September 15 is going smoothly. My back has been feeling stronger and my hips have been opening up. Getting on trails in natural settings has been good at helping my body find it's equilibrium, stability, and balance. I've even begun running again, something I haven't done consistently since my basketball days.

My BJJ training hasn't felt this good in a long time. I feel like I can trust my body! I have been quite cognizant of banking up quality days of training, Not trying to set the world on fire in one day. Working at solid level to improve, but avoiding gassing out the nervous system. In the past I've done this and it simply holds me back in the long run.

I was conditioned for a bit that yoga was the key for me physically. It played a role in my development but since this injury I've come to realize core stability and strength are my number one priorities followed by my mobility, with balance and cardio being overarching themes of my training.

As I speak about in this video my knee, back, shoulder, and even jaw pain is clearing up. It's amazing how a predisposition of the body (the bulging disc in my low back), followed by some faulty movement patterns can cause such compensations throughout the body. I never knee my back was even hurting! I was treating all of these other little issues.

The injury also taught me some great lessons to carry forth into my future BJJ training. One, is that if you feel unmotivated to train something is up. Really dig in and address this issue. Lack of rest? Body aches, pains, and injuries?

Two, examine your movement patterns throughout your day. Are you scratching an itch that continues to irritate an injury or something you may be predisposed too? I was bending a lot at the low back to tie my shoes or pick up stuff, rather than hip hinging or squatting.

I will continue to post updates on my BJJ training and I hope some of the lessons I'm taking away can help you on your journey. As with anything I'm learning as I go, but writing and reflecting is a great way for me to embody the lessons I'm taking along the way, allowing the to wire into my nervous system. As a martial artist, I want to improve daily and this is just another way of doing so!

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