Squat Flow for Mobile Hips | ft. Billy Edelen

The low squat has been an integral hip opening tool for me for years. But only recently since I had my low back flare up again has it become a bigger part of my regimen. It's essential at helping me free my hips for my BJJ training and competition.

One thing I've noticed about my physiology especially since the low back flare up in July, is the shallowness of my breath at times and my inability to access the lower lobes of my lungs. This creates an anxious breath that influences my psycho emotional state much of the time. 

This low squat flow I adapted from some of Ido Portal's work has been instrumental in helping me access the lower lobes of the lungs by getting a deeper breath through the diaphragm. This has occurred because in order to sink deeper into the squat you must breath deeper. A stifled, short, or held breath will only keep your hips tighter.

By flowing between positions it also helps me to open up my hips. Because I'm using the combination of breath and movement it's much more effective (especially for me) at opening myself up rather than passively holding the squat.

This is such a self correcting flow. If I find myself struggling in the position it's almost always because I'm breathing more the chest area.

Some of these movements are especially great for BJJ players and wrestlers. They target hip transitions and moving the body over the toes toes. It also requires adjustments of the knees which is instrumental in executing the movements for a wrestling style of play. 

Moving around also challenges my ankle dorsiflexion more which is the number one limiting factor for hip mobility. By targeting this, we're helping to open up the hips!

Tie this squat flow throughout your day, before or after training, and most importantly make it consistent! This is softer training. It can be done frequently! You'll find your everyday BJJ movement increase as well as your activities of daily life! Let me know how it goes!

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