Use This Bridge To Open Your Hips and Create Strength | Mobillity Training ft. Billy Edelen

It's one thing to just do an exercise. It's another thing entirely to do an exercise in a fashion in which it sinks into your body's neuromuscular system. This causes for it to cue your body for certain motor patterns within your sport and during you day.

For example in the morning after I've done my extension priming exercise, bird dog core stabilizer, and side plank series I do a basic bridge exercise to engage the back half of my body. Not only do I perform the exercise, I do it in a fashion where I'm controlling my breath. I'm doing so In a relaxed fashion.

If you do anything with a rushed and panicked breath your body will consider that posture as something not welcoming and something it doesn't want to do and will approach that posture with fear. But if you can take at least 6 breaths in a position (long and drawn out breaths!!!) aiming for a 5 second inhale and 5 second exhale you will store this motor pattern in your body. It will crave to position itself this way. 

So in the case of the bridge you will store the glute engagement and hip extension in your neuromuscular system. And by doing this early in the day your body will be more prone to move in a m ore extended posture (necessary for optimum living and sport performance). This opens the body up from the depressed forward flexion and allowing it to express it's vitality and performance capabilities.

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